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Days 16 and 17 Heading home

Sorry its taken so long to write this. I just haven't felt like it to be honest. Wether it be recovering physically from the trip (I was exhausted when I got home) or mentally I don't know.

So that day.....
I waited at the hotel til I had to check out at 11am. Then got a taxi to the airport. Heathrow is huge. He dropped me off and theres a button at the drop off point to call for help with access. So I rang it and they sent out someone to help with my bag while I pushed the chair with the broken batec attached.

I was really early so I waited in the access lounge. The people who worked there were lovely. Chatted a lot and minded my stuff while I went for walks and for a ciggie.

Finally they took me through checkin and customs. Why don't they stamp your passport anymore? I wanted stamps. Then into the access lounge in the terminal. I had checked my batec in with my case so I didn't have much to carry around. I went for a few walks, checked out the shops and duty free. Only got a pair of sunnies and some chocolate. Then at 8am to the gate. Chatted for ages with one of the gate workers about our dogs. He was a nice guy. Then boarded the plane. Got a whole row to myself so I basically lay down and slept most of the way.

Got to Abu Dhabi and got my own chair again (yay) and just hung around til the next flight. The smokers room was so small there and hardly any ventilation. Got on the plane to Sydney and was sat next to a young woman with a 1 year old. I thought holy crap this will be fun. But it was no problem. I actually felt sorry for her, having to travel alone with a little kid on her knee the whole way. 14 hours. His name was Maxim and he was a great kid. He fell asleep not long after take off and slept for hours. So I did too. About 8 hours into it he got restless so Mel (the mum) asked if we could switch seats. We were in the very back row so there were only 2 seats in our spot. So I jumped in the window seat while Maxim had a bit of a run up and down the aisle. I just fell back to sleep. Its amazing how fast I can fall asleep on planes and buses. Even on the London buses I started nodding off. Finally we landed in Sydney.

It was now Friday morning. I got off the plane and ended up in one of their chairs. Oh how I hate them. They took me through customs, who were just stuffing everyone around and finally got my bag and batec. Only now I had missed my connecting flight to Melbourne. I had a young woman helping me with my batec and bag (airport employee) and we went to try and sort it out. I got put on the 10am flight.

So now I had to get a bus from the international terminal to the domestic one. Huffffff. I went outside first to have a smoke (first one in hours). On the way back in I got dizzy (I was exhaused too, not just the ciggie) and fell forward out of my chair. I had the batec battery sitting behind me so I didn't have much room on the seat. Guys came running and helped me up. Ended up with a huge bruise on my leg where it hit the foot thingy. Ended up looking like salami. Hehehehehe. I hit my head too but thats the hardest part of me so I was ok. Just really embarrassed. Got on the bus and got to domestic. Taken to the gate and waited for the flight. Talked to a fella who has on the same London flight as me and he got charged $150 to change his flight. They didn't charge me. I thought that was strange. Got on the plane and yes, fell asleep.

Got back to Melbourne and got assissted to baggage collection and outside where Trent and Adelle picked me up. Went back to their place and had a great chat. So appreciative of them. Got on the road at 1.30pm and took the batec to Oakleigh to be fixed then headed home. There was roadworks on the Western Ring Road and out at Kalkallo so took forever to get through. Didn't get to mums til 8.30pm (usually a 3.5hr drive). Lexie went crazy when I saw her. I missed her so much. She basically gave me a bath with all her kisses. Then headed home.

My adventure was over.

It really was an amazing experience. I just had so much fun. And experienced so much. I loved London. The people are amazing. And always someone willing to help if I needed it. I've only been home 2 weeks and want to go back. I just wish it was cheaper.

The highlights were the convention and all the new friends I met. I want to try and get back next year. And Stonehenge. Theres something I won't forget.

Til the next adventure........

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Day 15 Museums

Non much exciting things happened today. Mainly because I had issues getting around without Barty my Batec.

A friend over here put me onto someone who might have been able to help. I called them but they had no one in London at the moment to come and look at it. So looks like I have to get it repaired at home.

I caught the bus again, trying to get to the museums and once again ended up in bum f@ck nowhere. A place called Elephant and Castle. Yes you read that right. Hmmmm. I wandered a bit then found another bus that did take me to the museums. Of course the stupid driver forgot to let me off at my stop so I had to get off at the next one and walk. I went to the science museum first. It was interesting. Especially the flight exhibition. The rest was just about the human body and space, which was interesting too. Saw a piece of the moon.

Then went to the historical museum. It wasn't what I thought it would be. It was mainly fossils. I did see a dinosaur! I had to laugh at the shop name "Cranbourne Boutique". Hehehehe Cranbourne. The most feral suburb in Melbourne.

After that I wandered the shops a bit. I needed to get a bigger suitcase (whoops) and found one in a little shop. Then grabbed a taxi back here to the hotel. I decided to go to Leicester Square where there was a special screening of A-ha's movie "True North" and Morten and Mags were going to be there. I tried to get a taxi and an Uber but couldn't. The girl at the desk said it was because the queens coffin was coming and they were all in demand. So I couldn't make it.

So just spent the next hour repacking my new suitcase and watching telly.

Now I am in bed. Its only 9pm but I have a huge day tomorrow with trying to get to Heathrow. Its home time.

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Day 14 Oh Pooh!!!

Today was a bit of an up and down day.

Left here headed for the museums and got about 1.5k down the road when I accidently went down a step. My Batec stopped. I turned it off and on again. Nothing. Removed the battery (which was fully charged) and replaced it numerous times. Nothing. It was dead. I even flipped it over and checked the cables. I didn't know what to do so started down the road looking for a taxi but couldn't find one. About an hour later I ended up going into the Pimlico Library and asking the attendant there. She walked me around to the other side of the building and I finally got a taxi.

I had found a place online where they repair chairs so we headed there. Got there and couldn't find it. So I rang them. "Oh we don't have a shop" WTF. Why is it on Google then!!!!! I was near a bus stop so grabbed the bus back to the Victoria Station and had to walk 900m back to the hotel to dump it. I will just have to go without it. I am trying not to stress over it. There's nothing I can do. I will try and find somewhere in the morning to get it fixed but if I can't its just too bad.

I had a rest then with the help of the guy at the desk here found a bus just around the corner that goes to the museums. So off I trot. The bus came and I asked it if went there and he says the next one. So I jump on the next one and it takes me in the opposite direction. Grrrrrr. So I decided to get off the bus at Lambeth Place to catch a bus back. But It was right on the riverbank so I went down for a look. I ended up walking down the SouthBank. There was a wall there about a km long with hearts on it and people had writted the names of loved ones who had died of Covid. There was so many. It was really shocking. Really a big eye opener.

I got to the London Eye and decided to go on it. I loved it. Met a couple, one from the Gold Coast and the other was english. They were nice. She had about a gallon of botox in her lips tho. Great views from up there and it was perfect weather too.

Then went for a walk trying to find the loo. Watched a young woman playing guitar and singing for a while then watched a strange guy doing tricks. But he was just so funny to watch. I took video but will upload it when I get home.

Grabbed some fish and chips for lunch then headed back to the eye to go on the City Tours boat tour. Went upstairs and just sat in the sun watching the world go by. Saw London Bridge and the Tower Bridge. Theres an area called Butlers Wharf. Apparently its where Oliver Twist was set. It was the poorest part of London back in the 19th century. Something to be nice to be associated with. Hehehehe. We went right up to Greenwich and turned around.

Got back to the dock and tried to find a taxi again. Just kept walking towards the hotel and finally outside Westminster Abbey I managed to get one (thanks to a nice media guy who was there to film royal stuff). Got back here just after 7pm. Exhausted. I was going to go see Hamilton but just didn't have the energy. Physically exhausted as well as mentally. So already in bed ready to sleep.

I will try for the museum tomorrow.

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Day 13 Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio

I left just before 8am to make sure I got to the Studio by 10.30am.
Victoria Station, 4 lifts. Met a hot red head who told me I only have to go to Green Park Station to get to Heathrow on Wednesday instead of having to go into Kings Cross (4 more lifts). Took the train to Kings Cross Station then walked to Euston (accessability issues at Euston getting off the underground) and took the train to Watford Junction. Had to go to the accessability lounge to book a ramp at Euston, you can't just go up to the trains here and get one. So there was a ramp waiting for me at Watford. Then got on the shuttle bus to the Studio.

I was just about to go inside when I looked at my ticket and it was actually booked for 630pm! Whoops. I have no idea where I got 1030 from. So I asked them and they let me in then anyway. Quiet day apparently. Hate to see a busy one. People everywhere.

It was awesome. You watch a short film first then head into the Great Hall. It was huge. Then to the exhibits. They are scattered all over the studio with rooms and stuff along the way. I loved the Ministry of Magic bit and the Forbidden Forest. Huge spiders in there. All the creatures had anamatronics in them so they moved. There was so much to look at. Gringotts Bank was fantastic.

Half way through is a cafe where you buy lunch and a Butterbeer. Of course I had to try it. It was like creaming soda with cream on the top. It was nice but I could only drink half of it. It got sickly. Although I did dunk my chips in it to get all the cream out. You get to keep the tankard too.

Then out to the backlot. Saw the Knight Bus, and Privett Drive (went through the house) and the tunnel bridge. Then into the second studio to see how everything is done. All the costumes, makeup, special effects. It was pretty interesting. At the end is the model of Hogwarts. Huge! Then you have no choice but to go through the shop (of course). I got the Marauders Map, so Berties Every Flavour Beans and a keyring for myself. Then headed back. Didn't take too long and I was back at Euston. I wandered over to Kings Cross and found Platform 9 and 3/4. Wouldn't be a Harry Potter day if I hadn't have. Got my photo taken there. There was a huge line and I got put up front. Handy being me sometimes. Then found my way to the platforms underground and headed back.

I thought since it was only 430 I would go book a ticket for tomorrow night to see Hamilton but the Theatre was shut so just headed back here. Thought I needed an early one anyway. Feeling tired. So just been watching telly and soon will head to bed.

I think tomorrow I might make museum day.

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Day 12 Oxford, Stonehenge and Windsor

Started the day early. Had to be at the bus at 7.30am.
We left at 8am and had the strangest tour guide. She was a nice lady but OMG she could talk. And talk about shit. Being asian I had a bit of trouble understanding some of what she said too. She would go off on tangents about things that had nothing to do with the tour. It got a bit annoying actually. I met some really nice Aussies. Kathy from Woy Woy, and the Hardys from Melbourne. I can't remember their first names. Whoops. His mother used to live in Scoresby and taught as the old school before the bigger primary school started. Her mother were the Spooners who own Carribean Gardens. Made of money!
I fell asleep on the bus, as usual. And after about an hour and a half we got to Oxford. We were running late so Eilien (or tour guide) said we only had an hour and a bit before we headed off. She crapped on for a while then we walked on. Saw heaps of old building which I can't remember what was what. We did see a beautiful old church. Went inside (and didn't spontaniously combust) and there was a table set up with a picture of the queen for people to pay respects and say a prayer. Went into the Oxford Library courtyard. We had to be quiet. It was hard to believe how old these building are. Then walked down the main street. Went and bought a hoody, then it was time to get back on the bus.

Slept again. Then at Stonehenge. Theres a big tourist centre there where you start from, then get a shuttle bus to the stones. Took about 4 minutes. There were these huge mounds in the paddocks. They were huge burial plots from the broze age. Unbelievable. Then finally got there. Eilien annoyingly was there and was telling me about everything. It was amazing. Theres a track that you walk around it on. You can only go right into Stonehenge on night tours. The feeling there was strange. It was weird. I know it sounds bizaar but I felt peaceful there. I just loved it. The stones are massive. How man did it is beyond me. Aliens maybe! I stayed there about half an hour then got the bus back down to the centre. Got some souvenirs and went and looked at the little huts that are from the broze age then it was time to get back on the bus.

The trip to Windsor was supposed to only take an hour and a half but there was roadworks on the motorway so it took just over 2 hours. Got off the bus and went into a shop to get a drink only to come out and find them gone. Didn't bother me that much. This way I could look around on my own. So I went down to the river and walked along it. Got a yummy icecream and walked over the Windsor bridge and down the road there. Turned around and went to Windsor castle. We were supposed to go inside but its closed too. So just walked around the edge. The road was closed off at the front so couldn't go there. Then headed back to the bus only to find the others and find out they saw Harry, Megan, William and Kate. DAMMIT!!!! I had just missed them.

Then back to London and the hotel. Its been a great day. My favourite was Stonehenge. There is just something special about that place.

Tomorrow Warner Bros HARRY POTTER WORLD!!!

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